Saturday, May 15, 2010

Birthday Boy!

Little Liam turned one year old a couple weeks ago. He had a great birthday and finished the day with a cupcake. I'll run the order of the day backwards in this post. It's always nice to start with the big, happy, cake-filled smile.

He ate the whole thing, not just the frosting like some kids we have.

Although he ate a separate cupcake, the main cake was beautiful. Sarah had done a lot of research into fun cake ideas and settled on a good one that looks super and, as a bonus, gave Finn a project to help with. She made a turtle shaped cake. Finn had a train cake for his first, but Liam's was more amphibian.

We also continued a tradition that lapsed a little on Finn's third birthday. We try to take a picture of the birthday boy with a picture of them on the day they were born. I'm always struck by how they don't look like themselves in the birth picture, but that's probably because they were mostly cartilage and got squeezed out a toothpaste tube.
I used to think that the two look very different, but I can't really tell which is which in the newborn pictures. Now the more I look at the pictures of Finn at one year old, the more I think they look more similar.

While Liam was napping, Finn helped make the cake. He separated the M&Ms into pile of the same color. He then helped put the candies on the shell. Most important to him, he also helped eat the leftover M&Ms once the cake was covered.

It's been a great year with two boys. Liam's grown so much and will be walking around in a month or two. The kids wrestle and play together. Finn's an awesome big brother and Liam idolizes him. I can't wait for them to be get older because they get more amazing each day, but I know I'll miss all these milestones once they're behind us. I'll just keep enjoying them as they come.

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