Monday, July 05, 2010


I had a AF Reserve trip down to Miami for a Sciene and Technology Conference last week. Since I would be working normal hours there, we brought the whole family down so I could see them.

Our hotel was nice, overlooking Biscayne Bay, and centrally positioned to everything we needed. Finn and Liam liked the marina and the contruction site next door which they could watch fromthe balconies.

To get established in the ways of Miami, we studied the signs posted everywhere. There were a couple funny, signs and a few informative. Here the boys study about manatee safety when boating. It was not that important since we saw no manatees nor drove any boats.

While I was at the conference, everyone else stayed at the hotel. They got to go swimming and enjoing the hot sun. They also went to Jungle Island where they saw sloths, toucans, and flamingoes.

I took a day off at the tail end of the trip too enjoy the city with the whole gang. Liam was very excited to get to the beach for digging and swimming. He's begun understanding us and nodding in affirmation of a question. I think he hates it though since all I do is ask him yes-or-no questions now, like a human Magic 8-ball.

We left on July 3rd in order to get back home for the 4th in DC. But before we left, we saw the flag flapping over the bay ready for Miami's own 4th of July.

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